TANA-RIRI MAHOTSAV (MUSIC FESTIVAL) is held as a tribute to the two sisters Tana and Riri at Vadnagar in winter every year. The Tanariri story of the great Mughal ruler Akabar's times (1526 A.D. to 1605 A.D.) is one of the several legends people of Vadnagar still remember.
Vadnagar is
an ancient city with many historic monuments and legends beginning from the Vedic times. The old city is situated on an invaluable achaeological treasure-trove of a large mound about 100 km north of Ahmedabad. In rcent times it has expanded beyond the old periphery and boasts of an excellent tourist lodge.

TANA-RIRI MAHOTSAVA - November 15-16, 2010

The 2010 year festival was an unique one for Dhari Pancham'Da's world record singing of 99 raagas of Hindustani classical music for 101 hours and 23 minutes.

Towards the end of her singing she began presenting Raaga Megh Malhar, the raaga sang by Tana-Riri to cool down the burning Tansen had self-inflicted by singing Raaga Deepak. And, lo and behold !  It started raining at the festival venue at Vadnagar – nearly four centimetres of pouring - something unusual for the usually dry place in the middle of November. 

Aishwarya Majmudar enthralled the audience by her versatile singing.

The star attraction of the 2010 festival was the delightful performace by the well-known classical singer Shubha Mudgal. She practically mesmerized the audience by her versatile singing.

Gujarat's prominent singer couple Hema and Ashit Desai enthralled the audience with their high quality presentation.

Viraj and Bijal Upadhyay

Many prominent singers and musicians of Gujarat participated in the 2010 festival and enthralled the listeners for two consecutive nights of November 15 and 16। The large shamiyana (pendal), erected in the open for the event at the Tanariri Memorial Grounds, remained jam-packed all the time.
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